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Wednesday 26 October 2011, by Dan Xun, Forest Cheng, Patrick King, Weber Wu

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a)The main facts about the activities of the company.

Landsea Group Co., Ltd. was founded in December 24, 2001. It is engaged in real estate industries specialized in green technology professional real estate development. Their mission is committed to produce humane, green, low carbon, energy saving, environmental friendly as well as cost effective building products and services to their customers. Their first project was in Nanjing where they constructed china?s largest green housing community. They later on built many high comfort and low energy consumption housing in Wuxi, Hangzhou, and Suzhou etc? They use underground thermal layer to naturally store energy, concrete ceiling radiation cooling and heating system, which uses water to circulate the building to cool the hot concrete during the summer and heat during the winter. They apply thick insulation layer on the exterior wall to preserve heat. Their air tight window system helps prevent heat conduction by insulating the space between the window frames and opening. The glass is also coated with Low- E and filled with inert gases to lower down the heat transmission from the sun.

b)The ethical challenges this company is addressing.

The fierce competition and the scarcity of energy really pose a threat to the Real Estate industry. How to cut cost and provide low-carbon products with energy-saving and environment-friendly is a challenge for the house companies. Green is the direction of Landsea, Landsea maitain a sustainable operation model which is frendly to the evironment and society, and optimize the resouce and energy consumption of a building?s life cycle, providing green, low-carbon and safe products and services to customers as well as advocating a green and healthy life style. Landsea keep in line with the ?Minimum Total Consumption in the building?s whole life cycle? principle to provide customers with green, low-carbon, and safe products and services.

c)What makes you believe this company is really ethical and why you trust it.

As we know, real estateis a high energy dissipation industry, they use a lot of steels, mud, stone, woodand so on,according to China industrial development commission, real estate industry related to 56 industries. Generally speaking this correlation industries are fully high energy dissipation industries, however, the Landsea company is always chose some company which must be energy conservation to guarantee their product environment, and I think this behaviors lead other related industries own more conscious of protection environment. Furthermore, I think they have an environment building, they created special structure which could against cold and hot without any electric appliances, that?s mean save electric power resource.
When looking through the history of Landsee company, you?ll amazing discovery that when they just established, they tried to keep different with same profession, they keep environment protection value at first and always hold this idea until now, their enterprise value is environment protection, and under this moral universe condition they create some green building which received warm welcome.
They obtain some fine reputation in protection environment. They become a China Green Architecture committee member, they also to be a member of the Climate Group, they joined DGNB as well. They received a title of green top 100 enterprises.
They showed different behaviors in supporting Chinese charities. They set education fund for some poor students, they built 2 hope schools for young people, they build a library for children.

d) The possible challenges facing the company in the future and how you think this company may improve.

Landsea had a dramatic developing speed in the past 10 years. They achieved lots of success not only in operate, but also in environment protection. But Landsea will confront some challenges in the future.
First is the industry environment. The bubble of China real estate industry is looks to be collapsed. As an unlisted company, landsea need to compete with other 802 listed companies which set foot in real estate industry. As an environmentally friendly company, Landsea need to prepare for competing with competitors in economic downturn in high price. As an ethical company, Landsea can?t low the bar to control cost.
Second is real estate industry regulation. The government issued some rules to regulate the real estate industry because of the bubble. On one hand, the land and capital supply were reduced, on the other hand, the housing loan was also restricted. Landsea will face a tough market that had never met.
The third is imitation. There are more and more industry leader join to the market segment that Landsea concentrate on. The competitors had advantage compared with Landsea, such as marketing, capital, scale and so on.
Even one of the challenges will threaten Landsea to bankrupt. But we have confidence that Landsea can resolve these challenges properly. With the advantage of green-tech and develop strategy in real estate industry, landsea have a glory future.


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  • Comment on Landsea Group Holding Ltd. 5 October 2012 at 01:29 , by Myra Hou Jie

    Student: Hou Jie
    SN: 1121209248

    I think they are inspired by the Landsea Corp. The reasons are as following:

    1st, When the real estates industries are facing the fierce competition and scarcity of energy, it’s a very big challenge for them to reduce the cost and provide low-carbon products, which are energy-saving and environment-friendly. But Landsea doesn’t blind eyes to ignore their responsibilities of designing low-carbon products and reduce the costs for profit. Actually Landsea takes the responsibility bravely to design the houses directing to green maintaining a sustainable operation model, optimizing the resource and reducing the energy consumption of the building, providing green, low-carbon and safe products and services to customers as well as advocating a green and healthy life style.

    We can see it’s very ethical to do so, and so it inspires them (the authors).

    2nd, Landsea company is always choosing some suppliers who can provide energy conservation products who protect their products environment, and this behaviors promote the other related industries’ conscious of protection environment, and try to develop their products right to low- carbon and green direction.

    We can see it’s a very indirect ethical behavior for Landsea, so it inspire them ( the authors) too.

    3rd, Landsea supported Chinese charities with actual movements - They set education fund for some poor students, build 2 hope schools for young people, and a library for children. The behavior of taking the social responsibilities are ethical and also make them (the authors) be inspired.

    In a word, Landsea Corp. is an company who can take ethical responsibilties, which inspired not only the authors, but also thousands of copanies and people, so it will get more supports in the future and growing better.

  • Landsea Group Holding Ltd. 5 October 2012 at 05:36 , by maggiechan

    Student: Maggie (Chen Yawen)
    SN: 1111209255

    1.Why should I choose this company?
    In August this year, I have visited Landsea Green Town Hongqiao, Changning district, Shanghai. This is the newest building in Shanghai for this company. I was amazed to having watched this building. They built high comfort and low energy consumption housing. As Landsea Real Estate’s brand-new G2 Sci-tech living product, the Landsea Green Town Hongqiao made a dynamic simulation to the community’s living and ecological environment prior to the planning scheme design. Their store energy, cooling and heating system, insulation layer, air tight window system and their glass, everything in this house are full of maximum energy utilization. I think that this is the trend of real estate.

    2.The ethical of this company.
    Landsea not only influenced the whole real estate industry, but also made a great impact on related to other industries. Landsea model is friendly to the environments and the society, and Landsea company chose suppliers who can provide energy conservation products and protect environment. Those behaviors promote the other related industries’ conscious of protection environment, and try to develop their products right to low- carbon and green direction. And the author is very inspired by this company.

    3.The challenges of this company.
    Leadsea optimize the resouce and energy consumption of a building, which causes the cost going up. And the fierce competition of the Real Estate industry also results in Real Estate companies reducing their cost. So How to cut cost, at the same time and provide low-carbon products with energy-saving and environment-friendly is a challenge for the house companies. This is the core problem to resolve for this company. Maybe this is why the company’s houses always built in suburbs, at least, in Shanghai.

  • Landsea Group Holding Ltd. 5 October 2012 at 09:02 , by XuMiao

    Student Name: Xu Miao
    Student No. 1121209273

    I believe that the authors of this article were truly inspired by Landsea, because I can feel their respect and belief. BUT, according to my on-site visit and some negative media reports in recent several months, I think this company cannot make me dream.

    First, I paid an on-site visit to one of their real estates located in the suburb of Shanghai. I was introduced their technology and sample house, I cannot deny that they are really environmental friendly. But when I looked at the layout of the whole project, I found it was really crowded and the green area was limited. The first reason came up to my mind is that they wanted to build more house to increase profit.

    Second, on the BBS from Suzhou Government website, several comments are about the complaints towards the Landsea real estate in Suzhou. The residences complained that the quality of the house is much worse than the sample house. And I guess this is either Landsea have problem in inspection during the construction or they wanted to save cost.

    Based on above mentioned facts, I think Landsea’s contribution to their green technology is their marketing strategy to attract more buyers who are environmentalists instead of their real ethics.

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Landsea is a midsize real estate company in china and a leader in green-tech market segment. It was founded in 2001, in Nanjing. The sales revenue in 2010 is 7 billion. Landsea run its business in 9 cities from east to west in china.

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