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Friday 18 March 2011, by Cristina Alarcos Belzunces, Katty Guaycha Reyes

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a) Johnson & Johnson produces a lot of well-know products for people.
The company operates in the three main segments: Pharmaceutical, medical devices and health and beauty markets.
Products from Johnson&Johnson stand at the ready to improve the quality of people everyday life. They offer products and information targeting baby care, skin and hair care, oral care, nutritionals, pain relief, topical care etc. Creating meaningful innovation in health care within the Consumer business franchise relies on a research strategy equally rooted in technology and consumer insights.
Moreover Johnson&Johnson has established a foundation exclusively to health issues.

b)This company has plenty of ethical projects for example:
- Caring for women and children( this project includes research and development efforts to bring forward new treatments for HIV and tuberculosis, moreover inside this project Johnson&Johnson gives support to investigations of birth asphixia).
- One child, one blanket(Over the years, the employees of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies have often supported victims of humanitarian disasters, mainly through company-matched financial and product donations.)
- Reviving a Farm and a Family
- Keeping kids safe for more than two decades

c) We believe this company is really ethical because it shows its efforts for the world througth its web page, on it Johnson&Johnson talks about a lot of organization which it colaborates. Moreover this company has created many foundation in order to take care of people.
Johnson & Johnson and its many operating companies support community-based programs that improve health and well-being. Its community partners show it where its giving can help the most.

d)We think that the company will faced up the future challenges with succes because it has diversified a lot its ethicals investments for example it helps from babies to farmer so it tryes to take care for everyone and it is a big value for the company.
Talking about its products, Jhonson&Johnson always innovate them, it has an investigation department where cientifics invest for new products.
Probably a good thing for company would be that they had to do a better advertising about their products. Many people knows the brand but not exactly what the brand offering.


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  • Johnson & Johnson 4 October 2012 at 14:24 , by KittyRong

    Johnson & Johnson is a famous company who is dedicated to pharmaceutical, medical devices and health and beauty. This company is well appreciated because of below two reasons:

    ● Career training and development: For the newly-graduated college students, when they enter into Johnson, they will receive a series of training courses. Johnson focuses on personal career development. For recruitment, it prefers internal recruitment, and provides various opportunities for employees.
    In Johnson & Johnson, what kind of employee has the chances to be promoted?
    ◆ Treat personal career development with a long-term vision
    ◆ Proactive and innovative
    ◆ Have business mind, result-oriented
    ◆ Full of team-work spirit
    ◆ Insist on studying
    Going through above points, we may find that Johnson is a company full of passion and effectiveness. Employees will have a sense of being treasured.

    ● Social Responsibilities: For centuries Johnson & Johnson conducts continuous research and innovation in health care industry. It educates each employee to carry out civil duties of powerful enterprises and contribute to the society. Nowadays, this kind of company spirit and culture has penetrated into society. Johnson has globally about 116 thousand employees to make contributions to the improvements of social environment. Johnson cooperates with some public service organizations and governments, and launches non-profit programs in various areas. All of these activities motivate the development of health.
    The company popularizes public activities from five aspects as below:
    ◆ Caring about health status of women and children
    ◆ Community public services
    ◆ Health nursing
    ◆ Promoting health care knowledge
    ◆ Global health public

    What is the most important in twenty-first century? Health. Each year Johnson & Johnson pays a lot of money to research and development of products. As the living standards have been increased these years, we think that more and more people will pay much more attention to health. Johnson & Johnson will have a promising future.

    • Johnson & Johnson 27 February 2013 at 23:58 , by Victoria Victorenko

      Personally, I think that J&J it’s one of the most popular and more diversified companies in the world. They not only could grow in all aspects but also they did the most difficult thing that is to get a trust of their customers. Nowadays, health is maybe the most important thing, so people prefer use something that they already know and trust in.

      J&J gave us a possibility to choose, test and decide what we really what to buy and use. All the people around the world have different mentality and habits, but J&J got that nearly all the people use its product, not only for daily necessities, but for other things. On the same time, be so popular and well known as one of the best brands in the world can be dangerous. If one day, J&J will make a mistake in one of their product it will create big problems with their customers.

      Actually, we know that all the products produced by J&J are well invested and developed, so will hope that the company will continue working in this way, producing new variety of products that will satisfy the necessity of the people that is so variable.

Location: New Jersey (United States of America)

Sector: pharmaceutical, health care and cosmetics

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EMPLOYEES: 118700 (2010)

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OPERATING INCOME : US$16947 billion (2010)

NET INCOME: US$13334 billion (2010)

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TOTAL EQUITY: US$56579 billion (2010)

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