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Sunday 1 June 2014, by maistre, Michelle Panzer

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A. The main facts about the activities of the company.

When I was a little girl I would dream of my house when I grew up – a gorgeous two-story house with white wooden slates, blue shutters and a wrap around veranda. But as I have grown up, I have come to realize that sometimes we need to make sacrifices – perhaps I would find a house that had just the wrap around veranda, or just the wooden slates.

Building a new house requires a lot of resources, a lot of labor and time. This makes the process expensive and detrimental to society. Hybrid Homes realize the importance of a dream home, and they have re-invented the housing industry by making the process environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Instead of the normal granite kitchen benches, Hybrid Homes use recycled glass. Instead of wooden or carpeted floors, Hybrid Homes use bamboo. And instead of aluminum window frames, Hybrid Homes use wooden frames that prevent hot or cool air from escaping. This why we have chosen this company; it illustrates you can be environmentally friendly and have the house of your dreams at the same time.

B. The Ethical challenges this company is addressing.

Hybrid Homes are addressing the ethical challenges of wastage, ineffective energy systems, recycling and ongoing sustainability. Hybrid Homes are among very few companies looking at the housing industry in this way, however we learned through this process that there are a number of ecologically-friendly businesses operating in society.

Prior to undertaking this assignment, we believed few companies would strive to be ecologically friendly. Moreover, the companies who say they are ecologically friendly are often only doing this for publicity and to portray a positive image to potential customers. Upon undertaking further research we uncovered numerous companies that we could have used for our project, which made us realize that there are a lot of ecologically-friendly companies who are succeeding in the market-place and who don’t need to publicize this to the world. This has given us confidence in large companies, for if these companies can have a positive influence on society while minimizing pollution and their damage on the environment, then all companies can. As students about to enter the workforce, we now know that there are a number of companies available to us that are beneficial to our society – we have the power to make a positive choice.

C. What makes you believe this company is really ethical and why you trust it?

What inspires us most about Hybrid Homes’ business model is that it is forward-looking. Homeowners are set-up with the resources and systems that allow them to be sustainable into the future. The impact on the environment is not only minimized during the building process, but for years to come. With growing populations, these are the types of solutions we need.

We believe this topic is so important in today’s society and this makes Hybrid Homes’ business model even more admirable. Hybrid Homes encourages the world to respect our environment and helps us live in a better society. As we said before, when we were little girls we dreamed of our future house. Hybrid Homes gives home owners their dream of a sunny house made entirely of wood that is also modern with a glass ceiling allowing you to see downstairs but also to the sky.

The price of a home from Hybrid Homes is a price we would be willing to pay because it guarantees us our dream house, but it also offers long-term benefits to our society.

Hybrid Homes offers solutions that take care of our environment while at the same time to providing what the client wants. It is a re-invented way to think about the housing industry: it encourages future home-owners to think about more than just having a house to live it, but it encourages them to ask: “How can I build my house and respect the environment around me at the same time?” It is for this reason that Hybrid Homes inspires us. These are not simple houses, they are SMART houses that maximize the energy of the sun, wood, wind, rain etc. and it still allows you to design your home exactly as you please, whether it be modern, classic, minimalist, traditional or so on.

Hybrid Homes’ have five core philosophies that confirm our inspiration for this business and differentiate them from others:
-  Create smart architecture
-  Minimize site impact
-  Build for thermal efficiency
-  Use sustainable and non-toxic building materials
-  Maximize water and energy efficiency

For us, trust in Hybrid Homes comes from the success stories they have as well as personal communication with the owners. Their idea stemmed from when they wanted to build their own house, but they could not find anyone on the market who was willing to answer their environmental concerns. Nowadays Hybrid Homes allow other home-owners to make a wise decision when building their house, and allow them to be environmentally sustainable into the future.

D.The possible challenges facing the company in the future and how you think this company may improve.

The biggest challenge Hybrid Homes’ will face into the future will be increased competition. Nowadays, companies are becoming more conscious of our environment and questioning how they can have less impact on the environment. We expect there will be many more companies appearing in the ‘smart’ house market. In particular, as new housing regulations are implemented, which require respect for the environment, more businesses like Hybrid Homes will emerge.

Hybrid Homes is one of the first companies to look at the housing market in this way, and this gives them enormous opportunities to expand their business. Growing in the right direction will be a challenge for Hybrid Homes. Their dedication towards personalization and individualization of houses is fantastic, and something that should be nurtured. Many other companies currently operating in the housing market do not offer personalization, but two or three models for the client to choose from. So the company can improve and build on it’s current offering: “your home will be as individual as you.”

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