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Alternative measures for employment integration

Tuesday 17 May 2016, by ChristianSiria, Gemma Moya, Montserrat Martínez

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A. The main facts about the activities of the company.

Special Employment Centre that promote integration into the labor market of people with disabilities. Not only mental disabilities but also physical disabilities such as the uncle of a member of the group, that lost one of his legs during a car accident.

With that fact, people with disabilities enter into the laboral market and start believing that they can work as a normal person does, thanks to Grupo Integra.

The company seeks for other companies to obey the general Spanish low about disabled people rights that forced companies with more than 50 employees to have a minimum of 2% of their workforce reserved for disabled people.

Contribute to a better knowledge for the companies of the real capacities and abilities of people with disabilities.

B. The Ethical challenges this company is addressing.

Promote integration into the labor market of people with physical, mental or sensory impairment, while working in the field of employment and the social awareness.
Make society aware that people with disabilities could have the same capacities and habilities than the rest of the people.
To achieve their main goals they have 2 programs:
- INTEGRA CE, a personal service and social adjustment of a multidisciplinary group of social support technicians and managers. This team is the key of the success of this social project, allows to carry out the full integration of the worker, identifying their needs and by closely monitoring its progression in the workplace and their suitability for the position designated.
- INTEGRA CEE, help through alternative measures the accomplishment of the labor laws for disabled people. Give companies a whole service of employment drived by authentical professional with disabilities.

C. What makes you believe this company is really ethical and why you trust it?

We think that company is really ethical because the main objective of the company in essence is ethical, because it aims to improve the life conditions of people with disabilities without underestimating their abilities.
We trust in this company because we know that its work is true, one of the members of the group has his uncle working at Grupo Integra, and he has seen how the company helped his uncle and give him a new life thanks to its employment programs.
His uncle suffered a car accident at the age of 22. He lost his left leg. Completely. This fact made him a lot of difficulties in order to find a job. He found many jobs but he couldn’t integrate absolutely in anyone of them. In fact, his uncle was during almost 4 years without working, he was very depressed because he needed to pay the house the food and help the family to carry on with their lifes. Until he found Grupo Integra. He started to work in that company as a cleaning man, and also as a choffer. But with his effort and after two years he was promoted 2 times and now he is the first secretary in the human resources department.
We trust in it because a part from that you can see the transparency in this company because the uncle of the member has a son. His son is finding a job because he needs to work. The member asked to his uncle that if he is the secretary of the human resources department, why he could not get his son into the company. He answered that he couldn’t because his son hasn’t any disability.

D.The possible challenges facing the company in the future and how you think this company may improve.

A possible challenge they may face in the future is the change of the labor laws about people with disabilities, that will create a reduction on their subventions and consequently have less opportunities to integrate this people in the labor market.
The company can improve by building a marketing strategy in which also external people could offer work places and help economically the program the comoany is developing.


Location: Madrid (Spain )

Sector: Human health and social work activities

Official website: http://

Key figures:

1.200 employees, operates in Spain (11 delegations around the country) 90% of its workforce is disabled.

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