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Saturday 6 June 2009, by Anni Harju, Carlos Ortiz

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Globe Hope is an innovative Finnish design company that creates an answer to the need of individuality, whilst addressing issues such as sustainable development through re-using excess material.

In spring 2002, Seija Lukkala had an idea of a clothes collection based on ecological and ethical consumption. This soon-to-be founder of Globe Hope rounded up a team of innovative designers to create a new way of conducting. The starting point to the concept was the growing concern about the increasing amount of waste in the world. The idea was to carry out in practice something that would support sustainable development and at the same time feed man’s longing for aesthetic. The first collection of Globe Hope in spring 2003 was born by redesigning and modifying already existing materials such as old hospital textiles, army wear and work outfits, by using the old in the creation of the new.

One of the most important challenges in the future will be preserving the company’s philosophy, as they might fall in the temptation of producing with other materials (finer, more fashionable, etc) so as to increase sales. We believe this would be the end of a well-intended project. In the future Globe Hope could put more effort into socially responsible behavior, for example by hiring people with employment difficulties.

Globe Hope has already been the recipient of many prizes over the last few years, notably receiving “Designer of the Year” in 2005 from Amnesty International, and more recently winning the prestigious “Suomi Palkinto 2006” for significant contribution within the fields of Art and Culture. In our view the importance of Globe Hope is not only the products they produce, but the message they carry to the consumers- reminding them of ecological consequences of careless consumption.


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Location: Nummela (Finland)

Sector: ecological clothes

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Even though Globe Hope is a small business with just five employees, their collection is currently sold in Europe, Japan and the USA. In fact, 50% of their revenues, which in 2007 reached 411.000€, comes from export. They started with a negative result, but nowadays, after 5 years, it has turned positive (3000€ in 2007). Therefore, the future expectations of the company are promising as the revenues and profit rates are constantly increasing.

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