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Monday 10 October 2011, by Alba Wang, Erik Wennstrom, Mattia Bedocchi, Tine Levorsen

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Basic Info: Enel Green Power (EGP) is a company specialized on renewable and green energy and is an associated company to the Enel Group. EGP is one of the world leading actors on the European and American market covering the energy consumption of about 8 million families each year.

Industry/Products: The core activity of the business is focused on researching and developing new methods on how to integrate renewable energy in a more green and efficient way. Their business includes development and implementing of wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric water flow and biomass energy with over 600 plants over the world.

As a worldwide manufacturer of energy on the market, EGP has as all other actors on the market become highly influenced by the green-thinking reform during the last decades. This environmental awareness of the customers has forced energy manufacturers to focus on how do develop and implement sustainable and renewable energy resources. The challenges for EGP is therefore to follow these ethical guidelines and as a worldwide actor, set a higher standard in order to both perceive the trust of the consumers and get a technological advantage against competitors. The balance between running a both profitable and ethical business is therefore crucial for EGP and the reason why we believe that this company is interesting to focus on. An interesting dilemma for EGP is about how they are making their ethical decision about the balance between old traditional energy and new sustainable energy. How should they make their decision in order to be ethical and still remain profitable?

Our belief is that EGP is showing an honest ethical interest in their business based on the work they are doing and the fact that they already have more than 600 plants spread worldwide. Their research in all of the natural energy areas is also making us convinced that they are striving to be one of the leaders on the market concerning sustainable energy. They have already implemented a strategy for reducing CO2 with great results and where they are striving to improve even further. What makes us believe in this company is that they have showed a very clear focus on developing sustainable energy and are matching this with creating a profitable business (452 million euros, 2010).

We think that as a business, the dilemma is not much more about drawing the line between making profits or choosing an ethical path, because it is given that is has to make profits, otherwise it wouldn?t run at all, and that may be even more unethical. Where we believe that this company is running a challenge on is that it chose to run a business that is based on ethical values, something that bring an added value to the society and to the environment.
EGP has to continue their investments in research and development in new types of sustainable friendly energy to match the markets demands in the forthcoming years. The upcoming challenge for EGP is about how to continue combining an ethical business with the higher demands from the market and still be profitable where our prediction is that EGP with their investments in future energy will manage to adapt to the new tougher market and remain both profitable and ethical. We are convinced that EGP has chosen the right strategy for contributing to the society in a sustainable way and their ethical actions will create footprints on the market where they can be the leaders in the new ?green era industry?, showing the way to a greener and more healthy world.



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  • Enel Green Power Inpired Them A Lot 5 October 2012 at 05:02 , by wayne

    Student: wayne (liu weijie)
    SN: 1121209255

    I think they are really inspired by the Enel Green Power (EGP).

    1.Focus on clear and renewable energy
    Enel Green Power is the company focusing on renewable and clear energy, which is good to the environment and reduces the impact to the climate change. So clear energy means a lot and is an essential driver for sustainable development. The Company’s constant commitment is aimed at making these sources not only sustainable, but also increasingly competitive with traditional generation technologies, increasing their efficiency and reliability.

    2.Impact a lot of people
    Also its market covers the energy consumption of about 8 million families each year on European and American. It has great impact on huge mass of the people who have the changes to use clear energy and environment that will be well protected. So the company not only produces clear production, but also influents a large range of the person and environment.

    3.Incorporate ethics to daily work
    Enel Green Power’s corporate social responsibility includes financial, social and environmental areas, and the company has incorporated it in the decisional frame work regarding strategies and business management procedures. The company hopes to bring their ethics to daily work.

    Above all, Enel Green Power enacts its CSR activities based on ethical growth and protection the environment.So it is the ethical company worth being respect, which inspired them a lot.

Location: Rome (Italy)

Sector: sustainable energy

Official website: http://www.enelgreenpower.com

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