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Monday 10 October 2011, by Anita Tang, Charles Hou, Patricia Dias, Roy Yu

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Energy Matters is one of Australia’s largest companies solely dedicated to renewable energy. Having installed more solar power systems than any other firm in the country, The Company?s products and components generate solar hot water and renewable power for private homes, businesses and schools around Australia and the Pacific.They also supply renewable energy products such as home solar power, commercial solar power, solar hot water systems, off grid solar and wind systems.


The key ethical challenge the company is addressing as a business is actually done through the products it sells. By selling renewable energy, the company is promoting and addressing the issue of climate change and the need for cleaner energy for a greener future. In addition to this, Energy Matters have a green vision for the country even the whole world. They keep expanding their business while continuing investing into the research on renewable power and energy efficiency. If we were to dream big and think of a company we would like to work for, Energy Matters would be it because it is not only profitable, promising but also ethical and beneficial for society.


Our team selected the company because we believe in its products, mission and values. We also believe that the industry in which they operate in has a very lucrative future market that is profitable and also ethical at the same time.

We believe that not only is the company?s product ethical but its entire process of doing business is also green. It has also received employer awards and promotes its green ideology through its organizational culture, people and Australian community through education programs. If we were to dream big and think of a company we would like to work for, Energy Matters would be it because it is profitable, ethical future market.

We believe that not only is the company?s product ethical but its entire process of doing business is also green. Energy Matters believes in giving back to the community that supports them. They constantly lobby on behalf of the industry to ensure that all Australians have access to clean, green energy and are very active in providing education on renewable energy in schools and colleges throughout the country. They also use industry best equipment and adopt a best practice policy for design and installation.

The company has also received many business energy awards including a silver Australian business award and a gold Australian employer award and is an active member in the clean energy community holding memberships with Alternative Technology Association of Australia and the Clean energy council of Australia to name a few.

Not only is Energy Matters? product socially responsible but it also has a strong has strong CSR in promoting its green ideology from its organizational culture and people to the Australian community through educational programs.
Further to this, Energy Matters not only provides products to create a renewable future, but also the expert services to build it and the education to support it. One such example is the Solar schools program which Energy Matters facilitates - This exciting program helps primary and secondary schools around Australia take practical action to reduce emissions and electricity bills through installing solar power systems, while providing educational benefits for students in learning about renewable energy and environmental stewardship.

The company also focuses its business practice around green thinking. They don’t just sell solar power equipment but they use it in their everyday practice ? running a green office. Energy Matters also furthers its commitment to the environment by taking part in tree planting programs. It has also published consumer guides to solar power to help raise awareness and offer straightforward advice to Australian consumers. They respect that a company must earn customer?s trust before they can earn their business.


?Fall in sales due to the lack of governmental support and initial set up costs of clean energy.
?Cost as an issue to slow sales: if you don?t pay a fair price for anything, of course it’s going to reduce the market.
?Slow investment on advances in solar energy developed in Australia.
?There’s also been a failure to take advantage of advances in solar technologies developed in Australia.
?Poor commercialization of technology- due to a lack of (consistent federal schemes).
?Poor governmental support in certain states. E.g. providing solar rebates to households using solar energy.
?As the industry grows in Australia, so will competition.


?There are different feed-in tariffs in different states throughout Australia. A national feed-in tariff that can be consistent and stable is really urgently required. (A feed-in tariff is a premium rate paid for electricity fed back into the electricity grid from a designated renewable electricity generation source like a rooftop solar PV system or wind turbine. At present, feed-in tariff regulations for renewable energy exist in over 40 countries around the world.) (Energy Matters, 2011).
?Increase communications and lobbying to government and governmental organizations to increase funding in the renewable energy sectors.
?Use their long experience within the industry as a competitive advantage to maintain its position as a market leader in Australia.
?Source better commercialization strategies for their business as their sole marketing channel is web based advertising.
?Look at internationalizing the business by creating international partnerships and joining international renewable energy organizations.


Location: Melbourne (AUSTRALIA)

Sector: renewable energy, home solar power, commercial solar power, solar hot water systems & off grid solar &wind

Official website:

Key figures:

Annual Turnover: $100millions
Number of Employees: Over 100
Country of Operation/s: Australia & Pacific
Number of Offices: 5 states nation-wide in Australia, inclusive of Tasmania
Awards: Australian Business Award for E-business & Recommended Employer (2011)
Memberships: Clean Energy Council, Alternative Technology Association, Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (Corporate Member), Australian Solar Energy Society, REC (Renewable Energy Coporation) Platinum Partner

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