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a) compromiso social, danone nations cup, proyectos medioambientales
b) cuidar de la salud, calidad, innovaci?n, buen gusto, satisfacci?n nuevas necesidades, responsable con us actividad, comparte ideas y soluciones, proximidad a los consumidores, credibilidad
c) por la confianza en sus productos, muy responsable con la humanidad, por sus estudios e investigaciones de laboratorio
d) la competencia directa, la puede mejorar ofreciendo productos que se acerquen m?s a sus potenciales clientes, aportando parte de sus beneficios a mas acciones sociales



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  • Danone 4 October 2012 at 14:28 , by Antoine de Taisne

    Even tough I don’t speak spanish (I know I should!). I am happy to see Danone as a company that may inspire people because it is my case.
    In the last years, Danone has been a leader as far as CSR is concerned. The group has implemented new ways to reach sustainable development.

    The last one is called "danone way". This is a self evaluation made by most of the subsidiaries to mesure the respect of sustainable development. it includes characteristics such as diversity, health, employee policy or impact of raw material. Subsidiaries are competing against each other and ranked in the Star challenge. To make this effective, the process and results are audited by KPMG and executives bonuses are indexed on this ranking.
    Even further, Danone started in march 2006 a joint venture with the Grameen Bank to respond to bangladesh poor population nutrition needs. It missions is "to reduce poverty by bringing health through food to children using a unique community-based business model." Thus this Joint Venture is selling enriched yoghurts on a "no loss, no dividend" basis.

    To me those two initiatives are effective, they are facts and not just beautiful talks to increase a brand image like many companies do.

    • Danone 6 March 2013 at 17:08 , by Cristina Sintes

      Danone shows a strong commitment towards social aspects. Their various projects are intended to become something helpful for our lives, with actions to protect the environment for instance.

      They also help children with risk of social exclusion (Escuelas deportivas danone), African people without agricultural tools or means (Juntos sembramos vida), people with few resources (Juntos ayudamos el doble), etc.

      It inspires me because its CSR goes further than I expected. I really appreciate the work they are doing with those social groups.

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a)compromiso social, danone nations cup, proyectos medioambientales

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