Brunec és carn de vedella ecològica. Un aliment que nodreix amb salut. El nostre producte és el resultat de fer el que creiem amb consciència, constància i compromís.

Monday 2 June 2014, by strategicUPF

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A. The main facts about the activities of the company.

Brunec is a very small company recently founded in Pobellà, a very small village in the Pallars Jussà area where the main economic activity is the agriculture. The aim of this company is to sell ecologic cow meat that they have on the village. The final price is agreed between the enterprise and the customer. They sell the fresh meat in vacuum packed boxes. Ready to eat or frozen if the customer don’t want to eat it in a short time period.

B. Why did you choose this company?

We choose this small and quite recent company because it was born from the dream that in a small village in the middle of nowhere, business and ethics can start the same journey. We personally know the owners and they always say that they obviously need money for living, but always respecting a moral code, not only with workers or customers, but also with cows, which are the main product of this company.

C. Why is the company really inspiring to you?

Brunec is an inspiring source to us because it shows that with just a few resources it is possible to carry out a proposal that takes care of the environment and converge with it and uses that respect to add value to the product. Some of the most powerful companies of the world should glance that initiative and feel shame, because it’s true that, Brunec never will become the most important company in the world in terms of money, but it’s better than the majority of those big companies.

D. Can we trust in the ethical challenges that this company is proposing?

They define as farmers who work with compromise, awareness and constancy and they work according to the aim of agro ecology which is the practical application of the agriculture and ecology knowledge gathered together. Some facts to prove that is the final price, which, between some standard stipulations, is agreed between the enterprise and the customer. They also treat the cows on its natural environment, sleeping under the stars and eating natural grass that it’s can find on the mountains near the village. They do not use cows in an artificial enclosure in order to get more meat in less time.

E. What did you learn in this group work?

We think the mind of people is changing. In this specific case, we are in front of a new company, and as such, it have to think about how to make profits to succeed and to continue the business, above all at the beginning. But furthermore, Brunec is thinking in two aspects as well: 1.develop the area where they are, using the natural resources they have; 2. Elaborating its product of a natural way, finding a balance between business and respect for the environment. This could be a clear example of people are becoming more aware that it is possible to do business thinking beyond profits.


Location: Pobellà (Spain)

Sector: Agriculture, forestry and fishing

Official website:

Key figures:

Legal form: Cooperative Society Limited
Number of employees: Between 2 and 10
Operates only in Catalonia

Nbr. visits: 435

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