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Saturday 4 June 2011, by Alexia Ventula Veghazy, Christina Vilchez, Ignasi Valles, Jaume Amat, Silivia Saura

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a) The main facts about the activities of the company.

Atrapalo is a travel agency which also offers other leisure activities dealed and administered through internet. Their philosophy is to find and offer the best promotions for your free time at the best market Price.
To accomplish their business they use the internet electronic commerce world focused on the sectors of travel agencies, flight agencies, hotels, car renting, shows, activities and restaurants turning their promotions and transforming their surplus in Internet offers.
Beside this activity of finding the best offers possible, they also keep in touch continuously with their clients to inform them always about their new promotions. Weekly they send a personalized e-mail based on their preferences, advertising them about the most interesting products for them. Afterwards the company also publishes the clients? opinions in order to let future clients consider their references.

b) The ethical challenges this company is addressing.

Atr?palo is doing a gesture of solidarity rounding up his prices. For instance if you have to pay 79.80? for a flight, you have the chance to pay 80? and these cents will be sent to different solidarity projects of Interm?n Oxfam and C?ritas. This way, Atr?palo wants to achieve little donations in a massive way. If the customer decides to make this kind of donation, Atr?palo will give the double amount to the NGO.
Atr?palo has chosen this two NGO as the entities with they want to collaborate. And the amount of money will be equally distributed between both entities at the end of each month. NGO will decide how to distribute the money they have received between their different projects or necessities.

c) What makes you believe this company is really ethical and why you trust it.

First of all, Atr?palo is a company with a high reputation in its sector and it has become stronger during the last years. Furthermore, their union with two of the most famous NGO in Spain such as C?ritas and Interm?n Oxfam helped the company to guarantee the well use of the money.
Secondly, it is the NGO who invests the money obtained through the Atrapalo?s ?Redondeo Solidario? program. This way we can be sure that the donations are administrated and controlled by a third company, giving so the security it is not Atrapalo responsible of the destination of this money.
Moreover, the Spanish firm demands to the NGOs an audit of their processes that guarantee that Atr?palo accomplish with their commitment.

d) The possible challenges facing the company in the future and?how you think this company may improve.

The company has as its principal challenge, to maintain and promote their project. It is not always easy to keep on giving your money to charity when things may get worse or when you may need that money. We have to remember that Atrapalo is not only giving the part that the customers are donating but also the double of that quantity.
We think that Atrapalo is doing everything very well. They are combining business with solidarity with a lot of common sense. We also think that they are in such a position that lets them try to extend their way of thinking to other companies they work with. We thought that they could try to make the restaurants that are using their webpage give some food per each customer they get from Atrapalo. Another possibility would be that the hotels that receive customers from Atrapalo could allow NGO meetings in their installations.
In conclusion, we think that if leader companies like Atrapalo start leading these kind of changes, a real transformation would begin in our society.


Location: Spain

Sector: travel and other leisure activities agency adminstered through internet

Official website:

Key figures:

In 2010 the company had a turnover of 185million Euros and 1.200.000 internet transactions. Atrapalo has 220 employees. The prevision for this year is to have a turnover of 240million of Euros. It operates also in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brasil, France and Italy.

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