Haute cuisine beyond the price: Eat as you Want, Pay as you Wish

Tuesday 20 January 2009

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Annalakshmi is a chain of vegetarian restaurants which let its customers ‘Eat to one heart’s content, Pay what one’s heart feels’. The first restaurant was opened in Malaysia’s biggest city, Kuala Lampur. It was founded by Hindu monk, Swami Shantanand Sarawathi. The chain of restaurants arose as part of the non-for profit organization Kalamandir (commonly called the Temple of Fine Arts: TFA ), whose objective is doing art, just for the love of it. Annalakshmi is also associated with Shiva Shanta Health Care Services.

The mission of Annalakshmi is, above all, serving humanity with the culinary and performing arts but with something clear in mind: being able to help the underprivileged in India and other developing countries via The Temple of Service by providing medical services and free food. Its mission can be summarized in ‘bring the joy of Art, Culture and Humanitarian services to one and all’. Its underlying values are solidarity and a full trust in humanity. The initiative was so successful that nowadays Annalakshmi restaurants are opened in Australia, India and Singapore and the Los Angeles Annalakshmi is opening soon. And its activity has been diversified up to `fast food delis’. The overall profits of Annalakshmi chain increase at a rate of 25% per year.

There are certain practices that allow the firm to be cost-efficient: the restaurants are located in the suburbs, which are cheaper than prime locations; the staff is composed of housewives or people who have embraced the concept of service to others, and not by chefs; there are no marketing expenses since word of mouth is viewed as the best form of promotion, etc. Moreover, the `dream´ of this business realized because it has lots of faithful customers whose values are in line with those of the company and who are willing to pay 30-40% more for a meal at Annalakshmi than they would have paid anywhere else. Therefore, in terms of Annalakshmi customers’ values and loyalty the key factors for success. Many people have benefited from Annalakshmi’s business. A direct beneficiary is the TFA since all of the Annalakshmi earnings are used to finance the charity activities it carries out.

Funds obtained through Annalakshmi are used to support centers that treat patients free of charge, promote indigenous art and culture by sponsoring talents, pay for education for the children of Annalakshmi’s volunteers, etc. First of all, the approach of ‘eat what you like, pay as you feel’ might one day fail to be profitable, though up until now it did not show a sign of inefficiency.

Another challenge for Annalakshmi chain could be, as it grows larger and, especially, expands into countries whose cultures and values defer from those in Asia (like an opening of a new restaurant in US) its operations might deviate form the initial goals.


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  • Annalakshmi 4 June 2012 at 13:12 , by samaira

    I think Annalakshmi is a very good example in the food sector that found an ideal formula by combining their love for food with a desire to make the world a better place.

    Unlike your usual chain restaurants or dining establishments, Annalakshmi , runs on a different model. The restaurant is is largely operated by volunteer staff taking responsibilities from cooking to serving and dish washing. Indeed, money is not the priority at Annalakshmi as the restaurant’s main motive lies in service, not profit. Therefore the restaurant firmly believes in the concept of ’eat as you want, give as you feel’.

    I believe it is an interesting concept of “eat as you want and pay as you feel” though it is very hard to believe the operation of the restaurant in this age. But looking at the current progress and expansions in different countries shows that the company is successful in drawing crowd from different nationalities and age group.

    Just like all of their outlets one can eat as much as possible and pay how much ever we feel like. I find this concept can be little inconvenient because always one have a feeling of weather “I have paid less or if I should have paid more”.
    But still I really think this is a great way to get people to donate by filling their stomachs.

    Also I think Annalakshmi offers the guest not just wholesome food but a cultural experience as well. There is an ancient saying in hindu mythology “Atithi devo bhava” meaning the guest is god and this underlying factor keeps the volunteers going along their path of love.

    Further, they believe in their religious values. At Annalakshmi, the food is served as “Prasad” - a sanctified offering. So any food and drink are prepared and served with love and the undiminished notion of service to humanity -the spirit of self-less.

    But no matter what causes they believe in or what business models are used, one thing is clear – this restaurant have a cause they strongly believe in and they work tirelessly to make their dreams a reality.

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