The Metronomics Global Health Initiative

Sunday 22 January 2012

The Metronomics Global Health Initiative combines cutting-edge scientific research, new business models and social innovation to develop alternative anti-cancer strategies at the service of children in the developing world.

Initiatives: other recommendations

biodiversity and ethical business

http://biodiversity.newethicalbusine (...) With research, teaching, and other activities, this initiative aims to enhance AWARENESS that biodiversity is crucial for sustainable development, promote business actors’ RESPECT for the natural world, foster proper VALUATION of biodiversity and ecosystem services by companies, help business exercise its RESPONSIBILITY and to join efforts for (...) [ Read more ]

Dream:in The DREAM:IN vision is to explore dreams and to work towards dream realisation. To sensitize society, to catalyze solutions and demonstrate results by mobilising talent and resources. [ Read more ]


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