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Saturday 26 March 2011 , by clem

The Intergenerational Encounter on Dreaming Business is a series of events with the objective to share dreams and experiences on ethical business, provide a forum for intergenerational exchange between senior executives, academics, and business students, inspire the design of 21st century business, generate clear visions and bold steps that could be put into practice, and create a community interested in ethical business.

Last articles from Intergenerational Encounter of WeDreamBusiness.Org:

  • Associació d’Amics del Jardí Botànic

    15 October 2010, by Marc Le MenestrelSupporters 2010,
    L'Associació d'Amics del Jardí Botànic de Barcelona és una associació privada de ciutadans i ciutadanes sense afany de lucre constituïda el 21 de juliol de 1993, i té com a objectiu donar suport al Jardí Botànic de Barcelona. Té com a finalitat vetllar per la conservació de la riquesa del patrimoni (...)
  • ESADE Institute for Social Innovation

    17 September 2010Supporters 2010,
    The ESADE Institute for Social Innovation's mission is to develop personal and organisational skills within the business community, social entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organisations in order to strengthen their activities and their contribution to a more just and sustainable world. - (...)
  • 2010: Clarifying Intentions

    15 September 2010, by Julian Rode, Marc Le Menestrel, Mathieu DurrandeHistory and Intentions
    With the 2nd Intergenerational Encounter on Dreaming Business, we want to renew the fantastic experience of 2009 with a more specific focus on nature, our values for it and our Willingness to Act towards a more sustainable life. This foreword is also an opportunity to clarify our intentions and (...)

    15 September 2010Supporters 2010
    Present in over 107 countries and territories and with over 50,000 members, AIESECis the world's largest student-run organisation. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get (...)
  • Research Chair Antoni Serra Ramoneda - UAB - Caixa Catalunya

    15 September 2010Supporters 2010,
    The Antoni Serra Ramoneda Research Chair is sponsored by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Caixa Catalunya, a leading savings bank in Europe. The main objective of the Chair is to promote research in the field of Business. Another of the purposes of the Chair is to present the results of (...)


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Fourth meeting of The Zermatt Summit: "Business & NGOs: Building partnerships of winners"

Fourth meeting of The Zermatt Summit Humanizing Globalization Zermatt, 20-21 June 2013 "Business & NGOs: Building partnerships of winners" The Zermatt Summit was created in 2010 as a platform to promote a constructive, action-oriented dialogue between civil society and business. It is our conviction that it is through this kind of (...) [ Read more ]


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