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Monday 8 June 2015, by sroura

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A. The main facts about the activities of the company.

Is an organization, a new movement founded in 2007 in California by people who cares about the environment and want to change the things are done in the world ecologically. The way they do is revolutionary, connecting all the world to achieve it.
The main objective of the organization is to reduce the level of CO2 (400 ppm now, which is the first time in 3 millions of years) to 350 ppm to reach an equilibrium to keep the earth "safe". Seems that this levels can be reached, so it’s good to see some realistic numbers. Present in 188 countries and having 300 local organizations to operate effectively, where the people have the power to fight for what is unfair.

B. The Ethical challenges this company is addressing.

- Because this is a new revolution, on how can we change the world. Feeling that we are not that little and feeling that you are not alone in your local problem, because thanks to 350, the problem of your local zone, becomes global issue, so everybody can look at that and help. Very effective, because this organization has a big power on social media, launching big campaigns against big environmental problems, giving you the tools to launch one campaign. Because is a non-violence organization connecting 188 countries in order to reduce the levels of CO2 from 400 parts per million to 350 parts per million, which makes a livable planet.
It really gets deep into you because it’s awesome that people around the world is committed to your local problem. Because there’s only one world, our world. Not unrealistic, this young company born in 2008 have won relevant cases, like
the one in 2010 when thanks to the pressure of 350 org, the White House installed solar panels to make example of ecology and support all the policies to decrease CO2 levels, such practice were imitated by 7000 more political residences around the world. Is not just to try to fix the problem, it’s that all the world is getting together to fix that, because this is the real power. For Laia, Helena and me, that was super attractive, the way they make the things, making aware to all people what’s happening.
Nowadays they are trying to convince Norway to divest in coal investments, which is having a lot of international repercussion, because coal is very toxic for the atmosphere (300 billion tons every year of CO2).

Precisely, we can call them heroes.

C. What makes you believe this company is really ethical and why you trust it?

We believe is ethical 350.org basically because it is obvious that the climate change is becoming so obvious that no one can deny it. 350.org provides a solution a tool to all that people who wants to make a stand who wants to speak out. It is a platform very new but already has been doing very important steps towards a better world.

It inspires us because at least people from 350 could say that they have been doing something in trying to prevent this from happening, improving global issues that concern us all. Not only sit resigned and just complain about it.
We believe it is trustworthy because it uses social media but not to create profit, just in a way to better connect all people interested around the world, having a positive impact. Having in mind that it is a non-profit organization that uses social media to connect, to organize events. All of it in order to grow awareness into preserve a livable planet.

To sum up what inspires us the most is that it help us on overcome that feeling we have over that huge global problems that we feel insignificant on trying to do something about it.

D.The possible challenges facing the company in the future and how you think this company may improve.

The idea that we have learned from 350.org and thus that we would like to transmit is, essentially, that we cannot continue using as an excuse for not acting against global dramatic problems the opinion that only governments can change things because they are the ones that have the power and the means to do so, and that as a single citizen everyone is powerless. In a sense, this company has proved that this excuse is not valid anymore as there are very powerful and effective alternatives to it that indeed achieve better results than what a proper government (that has sometimes other main objectives) would achieve. We believe 350.org has to continue improving towards this way, on increasing awareness, increasing demonstrations and make as many people as posible realize that climate change it is really and issue and we must do something about it.

A very important fact that backs up our argument is what 350.org and other NGOs achieved this weekend with a $900bn divestment of coal insvestments in Norway to push agains climate change, representing the largest divestment ever. This remarkable achievement takes place after many months of multiple and massive demonstrations but it all started from a deep concern among people in the same zone which could share it with others in other countries so as to gain a more global and influencing project. The future challenges that 350.org will face will be similar to this issue in Norway but facing bigger issues, step by step, for instance the tar sands in Canada.

Furthermore, the significance of such decision is that, first of all, it lays the groundwork for the transformation of cultural and political views in a major topic that people would rather avoid and it enables discussions that once used to be taboo. In addition, because of the size and reach of such a decision, this will act as a major signal for other investors to follow to create a better and healthier future.

Ultimately, we would like to end our report by stating a quote of a deeply involved person both in a similar divestment in South Africa during the 1980s and in the latest one, which very much represents why we have chosen this company, what inspires us from it and what we have learned from it:
“There’s a mysterious process by which an ‘unthinkable, ridiculous’ proposition becomes ‘possible.’ ”



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