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  • Upload project

    25 March 2012, by clem

    Description of the procedure for adding a new project
    1. Register yourself for the website by using the form below.
    2. Get your Course Deposit Password from your professor.
    3. Fill in the different fields. Add the other students of the project. Save your project before quitting the website
    4. Publish your project

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  • sites’s presentation

    31 December 2011

    What is We Dream Business? is a web-based project aimed to promote ethical business practices worldwide.
    How does it work? It consists on a gallery of companies that have inspired students and made them dream that another business is possible. The companies showcased here provide evidence that ethics and profits can be successfully combined. The aim of our Gallery of ethical projects is to make you believe it is possible, to inform, surprise and inspire!
    Who are the (...)

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