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Featured projects are considered to be the best studies from WDB’s gallery. Before being listed here, articles are reviewed as featured article candidates for accuracy, neutrality, completeness, and style according to our featured project criteria.

Two golden stars next to the title of the project indicate that it is a featured project.

La Fageda

Talk is cheap, work is meaningful: cooperative with disabled people to make cream of the crop

Sector: Accommodation and food service activities

Location: Olot (Spain, Girona)

12 inspired / 4546 views


Happy workers, higher profits: organizational freedom for revolutionary corporate structure

Sector: industrial manufacturing and correspondence management

Location: Brazil

5 inspired / 3858 views

Tony’s Chocolonely

On the way to 100% slavefree chocolate

Sector: Accommodation and food service activities

Location: Amsterdam (Netherlands)

143 inspired / 3780 views


Haute cuisine beyond the price: Eat as you Want, Pay as you Wish

Sector: food

Location: Malaysia

1 inspired / 2798 views

Earth Water Inc

Water for Water: Using profits from sales of bottled water to those who can afford it to deliver clean water to those who are in desperate need for it

Sector: food

Location: Canada

5 inspired / 2226 views

Interface Inc

Zero environmental footprint carpet: industrial sustainability in 5P dimensions

Sector: textile

Location: United States of America

3 inspired / 2019 views