Intergenerational Encounter of WeDreamBusiness.Org

http://wedreambusiness.newethicalbus (...) The Intergenerational Encounter on Dreaming Business is a series of events with the objective to share dreams and experiences on ethical business, provide a forum for intergenerational exchange between senior executives, academics, and business students, inspire the design of 21st century business, generate clear visions and bold steps that (...) [ Read more ]

Fourth meeting of The Zermatt Summit: "Business & NGOs: Building partnerships of winners"

Fourth meeting of The Zermatt Summit Humanizing Globalization Zermatt, 20-21 June 2013 "Business & NGOs: Building partnerships of winners" The Zermatt Summit was created in 2010 as a platform to promote a constructive, action-oriented dialogue between civil society and business. It is our conviction that it is through this kind of (...) [ Read more ]


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