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  • New Oriental

    Why do we have chosen this company?
    We have decided to choose a Chinese company as we had the opportunity to be an international team. New oriental appeared to us as a dreaming company. We also thought that it was interesting to illustrate an ethical and profitable Chinese company to go against stereotypes.
    a) The main facts about the activities of the company. New oriental is a company, which is providing help to students who want to have a competitive advantage for their future. In (...)


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Location: Beijing (CHINA)

Sector: educational and consultant services

Official website:

Key figures:

New oriental has more than eleven million students all over China.
The company has locations in 54 schools, in these 487 learning centres. There are selling books in 29 new oriental bookstores and in 5,000 parts of bookstores. They have 11,700 teachers in 47 cities. To finish they are 6,7 million of the Internet learning users.
The company is public. They earned more than 77 millions of dollars in 2005, employing 16,182 people.

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